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My name is Angie Nordby, I have been a stylist at the Velvet Rope Hair Studio since December 1, 2011. I previously worked at Mia & Maxx Hair Studio for 2 years, and I love everything to do with hair! I can make your hair funky, punky, classy, sophisticated, natural, bold or all the above if you want. I offer all services; extensions, cut, color, smoothing treatments, the list goes on. Consultations are always free so feel welcome to come in and chat if you have an idea or want an idea of what to do with your hair.


On a more personal note, just for you to get to know me a little better, I was born February 21 (making me a Pisces for those of you into astrology) in Bellingham Wa. Being very outdoorsy I love living, working and playing here. I am a snowboarder, hiker, love Kayaking anything that will get me outside in the fresh air count me in. As a hairstylist I express myself in a lot of ways, whether it be the color of my hair, tattoos and piercings to the clothes I am wearing I am ever changing and growing. I love doing yoga meeting new people and trying new things. If you are looking at my page right now I would really enjoy meeting you :)

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